New Medicines for Underserved Gut-Brain Axis Disorders

Bioactive,  human-identical milk oligosaccharides (HiMOs) with the potential to be transformative new medicines by modulating the gut microbiome and immune system.

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Company Overview & Vision

We are a preclinical-stage therapeutics company leveraging human-identical molecules as new medicines to treat large patient populations underserved by current treatment options. Our initial drug candidates are based on bioactive oligosaccharides naturally produced in human milk, or HMOs, which directly modulate the immune system and other human cells as well as the gut microbiome.

We believe our synthetic biology-manufactured human-identical milk oligosaccharide, or HiMO, drug candidates have the potential to affect multiple pathways implicated in gut-brain axis disorders and certain inflammatory disorders, while reproducing the favorable safety and tolerability profile observed of HMOs. We are prioritizing the development of our drug candidates for disorders where available treatment options are inadequately serving patients due to safety or tolerability issues and where we have the potential to redefine the standard of care.


By developing new drugs from some of the safest bioactive compounds on the planet.


Standard of care in diseases where current treatments have significant limitations.


What a truly safe, effective, and financially accessible drug means to the healthcare system.

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Human-identical Milk Oligosaccharides as Medicine

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